About Me and Hubby

Hi, my name is Alen. I’m a new mom. I was once an analyst and a researcher before I got pregnant but due to high level of stress, I decided to quit my job and become a full-pledged stay at home mom. I am a breast-feeding advocate and I believe that it’s every mom’s duty to give the very best to their babies – breastfeeding included. Although I don’t condemn other moms for giving formula milk to their kids, I believe that with a great support system and a good research, most of the barriers that comes with breastfeeding can be overcome.

My hubby is an MIS Manager in a firm somewhere in Bicutan. He is a dedicated and loving husband and father as well as a good provider.

We met during our college years but never got the chance to bond; however during our class reunion in Laguna, our paths met. A few cocktails and funny stories later merits him a date and after a few days we became an item. A few months after that we decided to tie the knot civilly. We didn’t have a church wedding yet due to my fear of holy relics and my stingy attitude towards spending too much on a wedding.

We are happily married and living our simple yet happy and contented life in the heart of Manila.

That's us last August 14, 2007 during our civil wedding at Manila City Hall


One Response to About Me and Hubby

  1. Park says:

    wish ko lang mabalik mo ang kurba ng katawan mo na iyan! sulat ka na kay Vicky Corrales…now na!

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