Wish List for Little Bubs

It’s almost Christmas which means it’s time for wish lists.

1. Diaper bag or baby bag or whatever it’s called. I’m thinking of buying this myself so that I can choose the design but if it’s a gift I’ll gladly accept it.

2. BPA-free bottles. It costs a lot more than the regular ones but hey! You don’t have to buy the whole line so I guess this is a reasonable request. Plus we’re tryring to eliminate all her bottles with BPA. We’re currently using Playtex Ventaire but any brand will do (except First Year’s Breastflow bottles! Review on my next entry) as long as its BPA free.

3. Cash.

4. Dress. Adriana’s size now is for 9-12months so buy a bigger size! I prefer pastel colors or brown. Nothing too flashy and hopefully not too kikay.

5. Pajama set or onesies.

6. NO STUFFED TOYS PLEASE. She has allergic rhinitis so stuff toys are a big NO-NO.

7. Toys. I prefer educational toys.

8. Story books or picture books.

9. Scrapbook.

10. Baby albums.

11. Picture frames. (When I was younger, I used to hate receiving this every Christmas party, now I love them!!!)

12. Bouncer. My bubs will love this.

13. Stroller. Big ones with safety belts and can be used until she’s old enough to run. If you have the money to buy one, why not buy one? A mom can dream…

14. Shoes. Because baby shoes are cute.

15. Gift Cheques. If you don’t know what to buy it’s good as cash.

That’s all for now.

Merry Christmas!


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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