Malunggay Capsules

image1656910787.jpgI’m having a hard time accepting the fact that my little bubs is having a major attitude-fest regarding nursing. She only takes my breasts at night or if she’s too drowsy to protest and this results to my supply dwindling; so to be able to “stock up”, I take malunggay capsules.

Anyway, if you guys are planning to take such capsules, I suggest you take Pro-Lacta. Pro-Lacta is cheaper than Natalac although it has a weird after taste. One mom told me that she used to take Moringgana but but didn’t work for her. So if you’re on a budget and wouldn’t mind a weird after-taste that stays in your mouth for a few minutes, then go for Pro-Lacta.

Just remember that malunggay capsules and pumps can only do so much to help your milk supply but nursing directly is still the best way to ensure you’ll have more milk to offer your babies.

Happy Nursing! 🙂


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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