The day which will be remembered as “The day I found out that hubby is a compulsive shopper”

image1652664288.jpgLast Sunday, we went to our dear daughter’s pedia for her monthly vaccine. She was given a shot for pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 7-valent (pcv-7) which costs a whopping 3500 for one shot. I actually didn’t know vaccines can cost that much…but all the best for my little bubs.

Anyway, after her immunization we went to my in-laws to drop off Adriana since the plan was for me and hubby to watch Harry Potter. Unfortunately, due to my insane annoyance of crowd, we decided that it will be much better to watch the movie after a few weeks and to just “window shop” instead.

We saw some play gym and realized that our bubs need something to look at and play with so we decided to buy one. The hospitable sales lady gave as a basket and the supposedly window shopping experience turned out to be a shopping spree. Hubby decided to purchase 6k worth of things since SM has this 0% installment for 6months for metrobank users. I swear, those credit cards are really the devil’s tool to drag us all to bankruptcy.

Anyway, for bubs, we decided to buy a carrier (our pedia suggested that we purchase that because I have scoliosis and our little tyke weighs a ton already!) {this is an exaggeration}, set of pajamas, panties (because it’s never too early to teach her the importance of wearing cute underwear), and 2 bath towels (because 7 towels are not enough for 2 grown ups and a baby!). The rest were spent on a small xmas tree and toiletries. My plan was to spend the rest on body scrubs and body wash (these used to be my kryptonites) but as hubby smugly point out – “di ka naman nakakaligo ng lagpas sa 10 minuto”, so I decided to buy dove bars and shampoos instead (and spent the next hour dying inside).

We also bought a playtex bottle which is BPA free. I was actually shocked to find out that the bottles that we’re using has BPA. It’s in my short term goal to eliminate all her bottles with BPA after a a month. I know most moms will go ballistic upon hearing what I just said and will comment on changing all my bubs bottles ASAP but to be honest we cant do it right away. Her BPA-free bottle costs P499 each (the bottles that she’s using which we thought were BPA-free was P300 each! She has 9 bottles) and to be able to change all her bottles in one go means we wont eat for a month. I sound like the pity-party organizer here but really, life is hard and my hubby doesn’t shit cash. As I’ve found out, bottles with BPA will be harmful to the baby once the bottles are being boiled. Me and hubby are still thinking of ways to do what’s good and right regarding those pesky BPA bottles so stay tuned for that. (How I wish I can fully breastfeed bubs from now on 😦 )

This BPA issue made me do some researching regarding new breastpumps (the one I have has BPA). For the longest time I’m leaning into Avent Isis but I was shocked to find out that although the Avent pump is BPA-free, some of their bottles are not. Westerner babies doesn’t need to worry about their Avent bottles having BPA because their government already banned the selling and production while those being sold here are old stocks with BPA. So yeah, I need to add that to my short term goal – hopefully I can accomplish this after a month or so.

Anyway, I’m actually considering buying medela electric pumps. They cost 30k here in the Philippines but I saw the same item at Amazon for $255. it’s really true – everything costs 10x more here in the Philippines. 😦

My bubs is having an issue this week. She doesn’t like to drink my milk so I have no choice but to feed her formula. I wasn’t able to pump my milk because I already dispose my pump because of that BPA stuff. I think shelling out $255 for a pump is a good investment although I read some reviews that some moms developed mastitis while using an electric pump so they recommend manual pump instead. However, I already tried using a manual pump and it took me an hour to collect 4oz of milk in one breast and for the milk supply to continue (eventhough I dont nurse as often as I should – totally not my intention!) I need to pump my milk every 2 to 3 hours. I just hope the Medela pump wont disappoint.


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