Love the skin you’re in

It’s funny how some women tend to judge themselves (myself included) especially their bodies after pregnancy. In fact, no matter how confident I am, there are still times that I still see my stretchmarks, tummy pouch, CS scar and the excess 15lbs weight gross. 

Yesterday, I learned that a good friend of mine lost her baby because of complications at birth. Learning what happened to her made me ashamed of myself for being too vain. 

It made me realize that the stretchmarks that I find disgusting will be a reminder for her that her angel grew inside of her. The tummy pouch that I loathe will remind her that it’s where her baby grew. The CS scar that I wished I never had is a proof that she had baby and the extra weight she’s carrying is a proof that she nourished her baby for 9months.

It made me think twice about the things I should be thankful for and the petty things that dampen my day. The things that I find ugly are the things that she will treasure most and that’s reason enough to make me feel ashamed of what I’m expecting from my body.  

So moms out there remember this: dont be too harsh on yourselves because of what the pregnancy did to your body. Remember the purpose and the reasons why it happened – your baby. We gave life to the most wonderful gift we can receive and it’s enough to make us love all our flaws more – stretchmarks and all.

I hope we can also include my friends little angel in our prayers.  


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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2 Responses to Love the skin you’re in

  1. Lhot says:

    Oh how I know where you’re coming from. I often wonder about how my body changed after pregnancy and CS but everytime I look at my daughter, I do tell myself that it’s soooo worth it 🙂

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