Plugged Milk Ducts

I am breastfeeding my little bubs around 10 to 12 times a day so I never really thought that I will be experiencing plugged milk ducts ever, so it’s a great shock to me that I am having plugged ducts now.

This nuisance started after I’ve established my milk supply. The pain is like having many needles stuck in my nipples and the pain worsens when I don’t nurse my baby. The pain is also noticeable everytime I’m having a “letdown” during my bubs’ feedings.

I sure hope my ducts will clear up soon. I’m not really afraid that it might lead to mastitis since I’m nursing bubs non-stop, it’s just that the pain is too much and add the occasional nipple aches due to non-stop suckling of my bubs so it really is a pain in the butt.

Oh well, at least bubs gained 1kg since her birth so it’s a good sign that I’m feeding her right.

Any suggestions on how to relieve the pain? I already tried hot compress, cold compress and praying non stop… nothing seems to work. I’m open for suggestions. Thanks 🙂


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I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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3 Responses to Plugged Milk Ducts

  1. Essential Mama Baby says:

    Even though I am assuming you have already overcome this problem, I want to share with you that you are/were not alone.
    I am not sure if you are still breastfeeding, but I breastfed my daughter until she was 30 months old and I am very glad I did it.
    I used to get plugged ducts every other day for a very long time, so totally understand what you went through. I don’t know how you managed to get better, but in my case, after trying everything possible, the only thing that would make unplug it was (as crazy as it may sound) to follow a suggestion from a breastfeeding consultant from forum that I used to read at that time. I used to exam my nipple to find a very small white spot (hard milk that was plugging the duct) and then to get a needle, sterilize it and very genteelly start to try to release this “hard milk”. It wasn’t easy, but once I would get it out, my milk would flow immediately, the pressure would go down, the pain would go away, the hard area on my breast would become soft again and my breast would go back to normal.
    The most important thing was to find out what was causing it and in my case was underwire bra!

    • alenski says:

      Thanks for the comment mommy. 🙂
      I’m still breastfeeding my baby (she’s now 9 months) and thankfully I no longer have any issues with plugged milk ducts. i feel so blessed because after blogging about how painful nursing is for me, everything turned for the better. I guess nasanay na lang siguro kasi dinedma ko ang pain and I kept on nursing.
      The easiest solution to alleviate the pain for me is to nurse,nurse,nurse.
      Im planning to BF my girl until 3 or until kusa na syang mag wean hehehe

  2. Hi Alenski! I am glad to know you are doing well with breastfeeding. Check out my new blog and if you like it, you can follow me!

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