What’s your take on vaccines?

It’s true that being a mom makes you a paranoid wreck when it comes to your baby’s health. I came upon an article regarding Jenny McCarthy’s take on immunizations and even though it sounds a bit dodgy, it did open a new perspective on what will be my take on vaccines for my little bub.

To enlighten you regarding what the former bunny said on her interview with Time Magazine, she is claiming that vaccines causes autism. In fact, she blames the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine for giving her son autism.

This article made me think and made me do research regarding the risks and benefits of administering vaccines to infants.

There are some unfounded and unsupported claims/studies that there are certain vaccines that causes autism and sometimes death. This may sound downright horrific to parents and will make you think twice of allowing shots to your kids.

So what to do now?

Studies shows that the age when certain vaccines are being administered to our infants are the time when they are most vulnerable to certain deadly diseases.

As a mother, I believe that it’s every parents right to know and weigh the risks and benefits of having vaccines. We should do thorough research and asks questions on the subject to ensure that whatever is being administered to our kids will have a good effect in the long run and so that we will know if the benefits outweighs the risks.

Me and hubby believes that vaccines are a must so the subject regarding delaying certain immunizations was never brought up. I think it’s important that you, your partner and your pedia discuss everything that has to do with the health of your kid so that at the end of the day, you know that you really did your best in ensuring that your baby is safe and secure.

Just remember, when it comes to your child’s health, your pediatrician is your bestfriend.


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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