The Scoop on Poop

Sorry but this post is TMI.

I’ve been mixed feeding Adriana since day2 of her life not because my milk supply is inadequate but because my baby is a monster eater. I believe that my milk can sustain her but it can’t catch up on her giant appetite.. Breastmilk usually can sustain appetite of infants but my bubs have this tendency to cry like a banshee when she’s hungry and usually both my nipples are already raw when she does this so I have no choice but to give in.

Anyway, I didn’t know that breastfed babies have poop with a mustard-yellow color and with a runny and seedy consistency with no offensive smell while formula-fed babies have a more solid poop and its color is more yellow-brown.

Who knew that poop can bring so much stress to first-time parents like us?

Since I’m mixed feeding Adriana, I don’t really have an idea what her normal poop should look like. Hers is a little bit yellowish with seedy consistency and no pungent smell and tends to be watery. At first it was a bit greenish so I freaked out and googled what it means to have greenish stool in newborn and I found out that this is due to ingesting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. So I did what most breastfeeding moms do, I try blockfeeding her. This means that I offer my left breasts first then on her next feeding session, I still offer her my left breasts so that she will be able to get the hindmilk and not just the foremilk. Doing this improved the color of my bubs stool… that is until hubby told me about infant diarrhea.

This info actually made my bum spin like a top. I googled (yes, Google is my new BFF) infant diarrhea and found out that babies with diarrhea tends to have watery (than normal) stools. Some indication that your bubs has diarrhea also includes sunken eyes, being lethargic, unusual fuzziness, no wet diapers in a span of hours, etc. I’m not really sure about lethargic, but for all I know, newborns sleeps around 18 hours in a day.

I know that there is nothing wrong with my bubs but just to be sure, we are taking her to the pedia to have her poop checked. When it comes to babies, you can never be too sure.

Nobody told me poop change can drive moms and dads like us crazy.

Sheesh. 😦

Update: Here’s a pic of baby’s poop. Remember to consult your pedia if ever you see a blood in your baby’s poop. Yellow-mustardy with seedy consistency is normal for breastfed babies.

(pic source: Breastfeeding Materials)

ano ba yan mag bespren perokamustahan lang. lang kita kita sa personal. hehehe la lang singit lang :p

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