She is a vampire

Being a new mom is challenging. You will need all the patience and strength to be able to nourish a young baby who’s awake every 2 hours (consistently) and poops and pees after every feeding. Crying non-stop will also take your sanity away.

I was never a light sleeper but when Adriana came, my bum spins with every small sounds and jerks that she makes. Who knew that women acquires a special hearing power once they become moms? 3 hours of sleep is also a god-sent miracle and so are iron supplements!

I’m actually waiting for the time that I’ll be able to sleep for 8 hours straight again… had I known that the stories I read/heard when I was pregnant about being awake all the time to feed the baby is true, then I should’ve slept the whole time that I was pregnant. 😦 My bad, really, my bad. 😦

Adriana is a monster eater. She drinks/drains my boobies and still can’t get enough of it. I’m actually nursing her in my 2 boobies for more than an hour and it’s still not enough, Usually when my boobies becomes soft and she still wails like a banshee, we give her 2 0z of formula milk (hey – my nipples are raw and I feel like they are about to fall off any minute!) but there are times that 2 oz is still not enough. I’m actually dreading the thought that we might be over feeding her, but logic tells me that we’re not since she’s still wailing like a lunatic and is sticking her tongue out and attempts to suck everything she can feel (i.e. mittens, shirt, bonnet, pillow, her arms).  Would you believe that my bubs had a hickey on her arms because she sucked them thinking it was my nipple? Sad but true.

Come to think of it, my little baby is officially a vampire but instead of blood, she drains milk and I am officially a willing donor. I’m actually thinking of suggesting to my hubby that he needs to be a donor too but I know that he’ll just laugh at my face for even bringing that topic up. Hmp! So much for having mammary glands!


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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