my little boss is a smart ass

Adriana is now 6 day-old, still cute and plump and red. I never imagine that my little bubs can wail so loud my eardrum pops. Someone also forgot to mention that 6-day old babies wakes every hour or two every night to feed that’s why besides my eyebags I now have a very sore and very cracked nipples.

I am currently teaching Adriana to latch on properly but she wont budge. She likes to do it her own way – which sucks for me. She also discovered that she has great powers/command on all of us (specially me). I guess she’s the boss from now on. Everytime she cries we just had to give in and carry her otherwise she will cry nonstop and torture your heart and soul. I am not really a mom from hell (as I previously thought) because every twitch or every sob, I give in.

And I’m guessing she sees me as someone who she can boss around.

I am starting to pity myself. Poor me. 🙂


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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