almost but not quite

I had my last checkup last Friday to confirm my CS date. I was given the admitting form for August 13. (I’m scheduled for an elective CS on the 14th.) My OB told me to stay put for a while, no tiring work, (hah! as if I’m doing anything tiring… well come to think of it, sitting on my butt for a whole 10 minutes makes me tired as a horse. I’m just too heavy, my butt can no longer carry my weight 😦 ) no unnecessary walking, (and here I thought I will be able to go to MOA at last since I no longer have placenta previa… darn!) no stress, no fuzz, no everything. I just need to stay put, stay in bed and relax… and Adriana needs to stay inside my tummy for a little while since emergency CS cost a lot more than elective CS. (Elective CS is 70k, emergency CS is 70k plus 50% more charge in the OR and DL).

So anyway, my bags are all packed and I am ready to go. What’s odd is that I don’t feel any panic in having my belly cut open, just panic on having labor earlier than the 14th.

And oh by the way, August 14 is our wedding anniversary. πŸ™‚ Double celebration although I’ll be asleep and recovering by that time, well at least Adriana will be here by then. I’ll just tell hubby that she’s my special anniversary gift to him. πŸ™‚


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I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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2 Responses to almost but not quite

  1. Park says:

    Talagang gusto pa mag MOA ng bangag na to! Well excited na din me for you…at maging ok sana ang delivery (ng pizza) este ng baby mo…excited na din SIYA for you! Hahaha! Siyet!

  2. alen says:

    hahaha gaga ka

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