poking your finger with a lancet is no fun at all

…even if it does sound a little bit intriguing. 😦

Since I am diagnosed with GD, I have to monitor my glucose level an hour after my meals. I am in no way a sissy when it comes to blood, I am a rageaholic afterall, but pricking your fingers non stop after each meal sucks the life force out of me.

I know I’m such a shitty pregnant wife to begin with. I whine (though it’s mostly because of my hormones) at every given chance and I have some occasional slips… I have to confess, I ate one small bar of rice crispies wafer today. OMG I feel so guilty… I’m sorry 😦

So for my daughter’s sake and for my peace of mind as well… my glucose level remains stable at 114.

And yes, this is my  punishment for disobeying my endo’s orders NOT TO EAT ANYTHING SWEET. I guess I deserve to have my fingers pricked and poked after all 😦


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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One Response to poking your finger with a lancet is no fun at all

  1. Park says:

    Mabuti yan sa matigas ang bungo na tulad u!

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