i guess she’s ready

Everything is a blur since Friday. I was speechless and I don’t know how to react on the news that my OB’s gonna cut me open this 6th of August. Only real feeling that I’m experiencing is the constant squirming and kicking of my little bubs. I guess she’s making me realize that she’ll be here no matter what.

This past few days, Adriana is getting more agitated and violent. She’s been kicking me non-stop. Jamming her hands or feet up my ribcage and kicking the tarnation out of my pelvis. She doesn’t have much room inside my tummy that’s why the constant squirming and stretching is such a pain in the ass, and I mean that literally. I can’t sit for a longer periods of time because my coccyx is hurting like hell . I’m too heavy now and my lower half just can’t support my upper half anymore.

Oh well, I am excited to see Adriana in the flesh. 9 months of being constantly beeing together but not seeing each other eye to eye makes one curious mama and baby right?

I know she’s ready to come out, and I know I am ready to meet her.


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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One Response to i guess she’s ready

  1. Park says:

    OMG lalabas na!

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