I guess I’ll be seeing her earlier than expected

Last Friday, I went to my OB for my weekly checkup. I had my BPS done earlier. As she was evaluating my ultrasound result, she did a double take then calmly told me, “ok, I guess we can schedule you for CS already.”

You can imagine how shocked I am to hear those words, just 5 minutes through my checkup. How is it possible that I will be cut open even before my due date?

You see, my baby’s estimated weight is already 6.5lbs. I guess my GD is the main reason why she ballooned to that weight. I’m just hoping that she wont have any complications because I might turn insane if that happens. OB says we’ll just wait until the 6th so I’ll be full term before opening me up.

I’ll be coming back on August 4 and have a repeat BPS ultrasound and final checkup.

And yes, I am speechless since yesterday.

I only get to talk and blog this today.

I don’t know if I’m excited or scared or just shocked to be told that I’ll be seeing my angel as early as the 6th.

As they say, childbirth is a guessing game. You’ll never know when your little tyke will come out.

Well, I guess being steered away from your plans really messes you up bigtime. No wonder sudden change of the weather depresses me.

I want a hot choco if only I can have it please.


About alenski

I am a new mom and I'll do everything for my little angel.
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One Response to I guess I’ll be seeing her earlier than expected

  1. Park says:

    ayan! madali ka ng madali at hexcited ka…CS galore ka na!

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