a glimpse in the past months

The first time that me and hubby found out that I was pregnant was on December 28, 2009 when we were having our vacation in La Union.

Hubby and I was so happy to get a positive result in the pee stick although I’m a bit hesitant to believe it was real because I had 2 blighted ovum in the past and I guess I’m just too pessimistic for words.

2 lines means positive

That didn’t stop me from going to the beach and saying my “farewell for now” speech because I know it will be a long time before I can come back to the sea.

per LMP, I am currently 5wks 5days preggy when this pic was taken (119lbs)

Being the cynical person that I am, I asked hubby not to tell anyone yet.

per LMP, 6w/2d

I was so frightened to come back to our OB and have our first ultrasound. Waiting there, I keep on asking myself if I’ll be able to see a fetal pole inside my sac or will I be disappointed again. Afterall, after 2 blighted ovum, it’s hard to get your hopes high especially if you are a negative person like me. (–> which I should avoid from now on!)

10w/6d; that little bean is my baby!!!!

with a heartbeat of 185 bpm, I am now a believer that I am indeed pregnant. (Still 119 lbs)

A few months had passed and I am beginning to get paranoid because I am not suffering any morning sickness at all!


I was a fool to panic for not feeling any morning sickness at all. A week after that, I got migraine that send me running to the toilet to throw up. I wasn’t able to read or enjoy the sun through my window because lights makes my head pound!

After a few weeks, I was so scared to find a few spotting on my undies so I called my OB immediately to tell her. (note: preggy moms, do report to your OB any spotting/bleeding/unusual discharge coz this is a sign that there is something wrong!). My OB advised us not to panic and to just go to the hospital to have another ultrasound to check if our baby is doing fine.


With a fetal heart rate of 150bpm and an estimated fetal weight of 434 grams, my bubs is doing good but I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta and was advised to be on bed rest until my placenta moves up. (I am now 135lbs)

This pic was taken last May 1, during my hubby’s birthday celebration. I am looking quite huge on that pic.


When we came back to our OB (May22), I was asked to have an OGTT because my weight ballooned from 135 to 144lbs and I was also asked to have a BPS to see the movement of my baby.

Sad to say, I failed the test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was on a strict zero sugar and zero salt diet until after I give birth. (note: GD is a curable complication and can be managed through proper dieting; however if proper dieting doesn’t work, pregnant mommies will be asked to have insulin shots everyday.)

26w,5d. Can you see my baby's face?

I was referred to an endocrinologists afterwards to check my GD and my glucose level which through a strict compliance of my diet, I am glad to say that I managed to maintain in a normal level. Unfortunately (again) I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This means that I am producing low thyroid hormones so I was advised to take Thyrax to correct my hypothyroidism.

This is my 1st tummy shot last May 27. You can tell that I’m not into tummy shots during pregnancy because I feel so huge.


A week after this pic was taken, we went back to our OB for my bi-weekly checkups. Glad to report that I lost 2 lbs and was down to 142lbs.

This pic is my second tummy shot taken last July 7.


And finally, this last pic was taken a day before my birthday.


Tomorrow I’ll be having my BPS to check if my placenta already moved. If by chance I still have placenta previa then I will be scheduled to have my CS operation on August.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I wont have to undergo CS.


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  1. Park says:

    so Mrs.Piggy…

  2. Ima Blyther says:

    Found your site via bing the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the excellent work.

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